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Welcome to Netari Communications and thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company.  Please take a moment to explore this website as it provides more information about the company including a detailed description of the industries we serve, our technology audit and vendor management services, as well as other useful information like our news, blog and white papers.


Netari offers high-value technology resources to upper level management, and we take pride in the fact that we offer our clients versatile, agile and innovative services in the areas of solution engineering, vendor selection and procurement, and a vast portfolio of national and global  IT and Telecommunications companies.  We have a solid track record of customer satisfaction because we dedicate ourselves to understanding our client's needs, operations, and corporate objectives. 

What makes Netari different is that we don’t work for any single technology company.  Instead, we have agreements with hundreds of top-tier, global technology partners. Through these relationships we are able to help businesses find the most qualified vendors offering the best technology solutions for their business. The end result is improved efficiency, increased productivity and better cost controls.
Thank you again for visiting us online.  We look forward to serving your organization as a high-value, strategic stakeholder and technology services partner. 
W. Winston Lawson

W. Winston Lawson

Managing Director, President


Our Goals & Values


To be the technology partner of choice for business leaders seeking high value services, expert technical solutions and industry veterans in IT and Telecom vendor sourcing, engineering, procurement, oversight and support.



To be the go-to resource for business executives and senior management looking for an objective, vendor neutral technology consulting firm that has the industry expertise and resources needed to produce increased productivity, profitability and operational efficiency while optimizing and containing technology expenditures.



People – To treat all individuals with dignity and respect, while embracing diversity, integrity, open dialogue and teamwork.

Security – To vigilantly protect the valuable information and materials with which we are entrusted.

Value  – We understand our client’s rigorous standards for success and commit to delivering products and services of the highest value and quality.

Trusted Relationships  – We are focused on our customers' needs, and we highly value the trust those clients have placed in us to deliver on our commitments.

Growth  – We strive to continuously improve our processes and focus to provide our client’s with a long-term business growth strategy through the correct implementation of technology services.

Innovation – We are passionate about innovation and advanced technologies that allow us and our clients to better serve customers.


Netari is an IT and telecom broker that offers a diverse portfolio of technology services and products to businesses, government, and non-profits in the US and globally.  

Netari works with executives and IT leadership to manage technology projects through a proven process that begins with an evaluation, planning  and strategy, bidding support and continues with managing the installation of services and ongoing client support.

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