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Simplify the Way You Source, Choose & Manage Technology

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Conduct a Bill & Service Audit


Our experts will perform an audit to understand your current situation and uproot any other issues.

Review Cost Savings Options 


Our team will work with your current supplier(s) to fix your issues or we will provide you with multiple vendor quotes from fully vetted suppliers qualified to meet your requirements.

You Select the Supplier You Want


Pick the suppliers you want to work with and we’ll negotiate the contract terms to protect your best interest.

Manage the Installation


Our project managers will establish a timeline for service delivery, testing and acceptance, and be your primary Point-of-contact during installation. 

Provide Ongoing Support

We provide you with a knowledgeable and experienced back-office team that assists you with provisioning services and trouble ticket resolution.

Supplier Support Services & Dedicated Back-Office 

For many organizations, key stakeholders are expected to respond quickly to tasks related to the management of complex, IT and telecommunications resources—activities that are essential to growing revenue, containing cost, expanding services and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Innovations, such as Cloud Services, Mobility Enterprise Applications, Cyber Security and IP Communications present both opportunity and risk, which can create significant challenges for IT professionals tasked with balancing growth requirements and spending constraints.

Free Up Internal Resources & Focus on Your Core Business 

Netari Global Communications offloads the burden of IT and telecommunications management with high-quality services designed to optimize vendor relationships and the use of technology across your business. Backed by decades of IT and telecommunications management experience, our intuitive approach equips your company with a more efficient and complete response to the entire IT and telecommunications management lifecycle.

A Team of Industry-Insiders Dedicated to Your Success


Netari Communication’s IT and telecommunications management services encompass a wide range of communications challenges including wireline and wireless expense management and service modeling, voice and data volume management, contractual adherence and regulatory management, billing, vendor management and next generation technologies. In all instances, our number one priority is to help your business identify the right technology solutions to meet your specific business and operational requirements.

With in-depth, collaborative services delivered by highly-experienced industry veterans, our IT and telecommunications management team provides:

  • Audit and Cost Optimization – expert audits to identify volume and pricing errors, and cost optimization to improve the efficiency of bundled services on a go-forward basis.

  • Inventory Management – an initial inventory of services-by-location, followed by the ongoing reconciliation of invoices and change orders against baseline inventory.

  • Technology Roadmapping – a collaborative, outcome-based process that carefully aligns technology infrastructure with your organization’s objectives and business strategy.

  • Benchmarking, Contract Negotiations and Sourcing – the benchmarking and negotiation of contractual terms, and the alignment of current and future requirements with vendor offerings and marketplace trends.

  • Lifecycle Management and Support – an IT and telecom lifecycle management approach that utilizes a usage-based chargeback mechanism to drive accountability and improve decision-makers’ visibility into services and resources.

Backed by professionals with management experience at some of the world’s most successful corporations, our IT and telecommunications management professionals understand that the achievement of business goals is the only real gauge of effective telecom and technology strategy. We are uniquely equipped to bring your organization’s most important infrastructure and services projects in on time and on budget.

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Put Our Experience & Resources to Work for Your Business

We believe in forming long-term relationships with our clients.  We work with you to fully understand your business objectives and solve your most complex technology and operational problems.


We are fully equipped to help you every step of the way. From initial assessments, planning, implementation and support throughout your entire IT and telecom services life cycle.  With access to hundreds of technology suppliers and over a thousand data center providers worldwide – we offer a unique, unbiased look at the best solutions and solution providers for your business.


Understanding Your Business

We help to identify your specific technology needs, document your business requirements and analyze your current network and costs.

Vendor Management Process
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Netari is an IT and Telecom consulting firm that offers a diverse and comprehensive  portfolio of telecommunications and IT products, solutions, and services mid-to-large sized businesses, and non-profits in the United States & abroad..  

Netari helps executives and senior-level leaders manage technology projects with a proven process that begins with discovery, planning & strategy, and evolves into a successful implementation and ongoing lifecycle support.

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