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Private Line

Perfect for businesses that want dedicated connectivity between two or more designated end points. Private line provides a managed, fully inter-operable, and scalable suite of services. It seamlessly carries a variety of protocols, including ATM, Frame Relay, IP, and Ethernet, and delivers these services transparently from end-to-end.


What is Private Line?


A private line network provides high-speed, dedicated, point-to-point and multi-point connections for fast, secure data transfer to safeguard vital information.


With private line, your organization can easily handle critical applications like bulk data transfer, disaster recovery, distance learning, engineering, video conferencing and more. The proactively monitored network assures unsurpassed reliability giving your business maximum dependability and unmatched security you can’t get from the public Internet.


Why Would You Use a Private Line Network?


With private line service, you can connect all branches of your organization as if they were on the same local network – even if they’re spread across the country. Integrating voice, video and data applications over a single, dedicated platform, it delivers reliability, security and performance backed by comprehensive service guarantees.


Benefits of Private Lines


  • Secure: Communicate between your multiple business locations faster and more securely which keeps sensitive information secure with private connectivity.


  • Instant Data Transmission: Securely transmit mission-critical data, such as point-of-sale information, banking transactions, patient records, corporate or government documents, while avoiding bottlenecks on the public Internet.


  • Uptime: A private line is a dedicated circuit, so it’s always available.


  • Compliance: Ensure your compliance with financial, medical, personal and other privacy regulations like HIPAA by securely transferring confidential data, records or imagery from one site to another or for disaster recovery.


  • High-Resolution Video Transmission: They support high-resolution video transmissions capabilities to enable distance learning.


  • Flexibility: Private lines support a number of different bandwidth options including: E-1, E-3, T-1, DS-1, DS-3, OC-3, OC-12, OC-48, STM-1, STM-4 and STM-16


  • Configuration: Private lines support multiple configurations including point-to-point, hub and end links.


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