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Identifying a Remote Workforce Strategy (Part 1)

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to shake up the world as we know it: people’s lives, businesses, the entire world’s economy, and everything in between. Terms that didn’t exist more than ten years ago like social distancing and working remote are household terms these days, and a handshake is suddenly the least desirable way to conduct business.

Now, more than ever, businesses are eagerly looking for ways to continue operations as they navigate health safety concerns. There are strong, proven options to help businesses keep there employees linked together and to continue moving forward. Technologies that allow businesses to continue collaborating, serving customers, communicating and operating effectively while remote, It is these technologies that can help fill in the gaps that the COVID-19 virus continues to create.

We're being asked for a multitude of remote solutions from businesses. However, the majority of them aren’t entirely sure what they need; all they know is that they need it now. Many people are actively transitioning to working remotely, with little to no knowledge of what they need to be successful in doing it. While each business is different, there is a general need for three specific technologies that are vital for remote work success: 1) Unified Communications, 2) Web Conferencing & Collaboration, and 3) Virtual Desktops and Workspaces.

1. UCaaS

Basic voice communication is still the number one way many businesses reach out to their customers today. A full UCaaS solution will enable businesses to hold voice calls as they telework, hit the road, or wherever they might be. Companies can use softphones on desktops, laptops, tablets, or even cellphones utilizing their corporate telephone number. Or of course, they can also use a traditional headset or handset. Many of these platforms also include many built-in collaborative tools, such as web conferencing, whiteboarding, instant messaging, knowledge-based systems, presence, and a whole lot more to allow them to interact with their fellow employees or collaborate with external customers.

2. Web Conferencing & Collaboration

When companies want to see their teammates and communicate with them face-to-face, but in a safe way during the coronavirus, web conferencing is the perfect solution. This can be a quick add on for most customers, whether they are using an on-prem voice system or a full UCaaS solution. But, adding video capabilities can bring a great personal touch to remote meetings. Many also have built-in whiteboarding capabilities, webinar functions, the ability to share files, etc. Moreover, with collaboration, services such as Microsoft O365 and Teams can take an organization to the next level. Teams can help pull people together, not only within your organization, but also across the globe, giving them the ability to collaborate on documents, share files, plan projects, and more. Web conferencing allows many people to get together in an instant, and do more together, even when thousands of miles apart. Most UCaaS providers also tightly integrate with Teams. Plus, O365 and Teams run on almost any device: Windows, Mac, tablets, cell phones, etc.

3. Virtual Desktops and Workspaces

Company employees need desktops while working remotely. Many of our suppliers can have an entire virtual desktop or workspace running remotely in the cloud, giving employees access to their full corporate desktop experience anytime, anywhere. Remote desktops and workspaces can typically run on almost any device—Windows, Mac, iPads, Android devices, etc. This allows users that are teleworking to utilize equipment they may already have at their home office. Also, many software packages today run across the web making teleworking much easier in the event you may not have a full virtual desktop provisioned. But integration with your voice and collaboration systems for many of these packages, such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and more allow a much richer experience for that remote worker. Especially advance-knowledge workers who interact with customers day in and day out.

Netari is uniquely positioned to be a key resource of your company during this time. And if you need extra support in helping your leadership find the solutions they need quickly and deployed efficiently, we can arrange direct contact with solutions engineering and technical teams that have the expertise to help you move towards remote worker solutions, especially during COVID-19. We also have a world class set of Suppliers that can be used to build out a fully remote business operation. Many Suppliers in our portfolio are offering complimentary services and special pricing as relief for COVID-19, which can help your business concentrate on getting fully geared up without added financial pressure.


As we continue to traverse this new landscape, NETARI remains committed to providing its clients with unparalleled support and relevant, timely resources. For more details about help on transitioning to a remote work environment, call (813) 343-0440 or complete or contact form, and we'll get in touch with you.

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