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Security in the Cloud: Lower Costs, Better Protection

Netari Blog - Security in the Cloud: Lower Costs, Better Protection

Are your migrating to a cloud-based business model? How about Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems?

Chris Richter, Senior Vice President of Global Security Services at Level 3, points out in a recent blog post, there are major benefits in choosing a cloud-based virtual UTM security appliance over traditional practices. This is especially true when organization decision-makers opt to employ these security measures through a qualified managed services security provider (MSSP) that can oversee the day-to-day management and upkeep of their entire virtual security infrastructure.

Outsourcing this critical task eliminates complexities many company leaders face, specifically the vulnerabilities a mismatched, siloed security system can present. It’s not uncommon for a patchwork of solutions and versions across different locations and departments to comprise a large organization’s security infrastructure. Ongoing structure development and management is costly — both in terms of personnel and upkeep. Plus, keeping these self-created security systems up-to-date is difficult and allows cybercriminals to inadvertently take advantage of gaps.

Migrating to an MSSP-managed cloud-based UTM solution is a much more dependable solution. Not only does this arrangement simplify the complex cloud-based security landscape but it also offers budget control and cost predictability levels that are often difficult to control in-house. With your guidance and Level 3 cloud and network security services, you can provide your customers the protection — and peace of mind — they need most.


Looking for more relevant solutions like this one for your organization? From cutting-edge cyber-security trends to adaptive network solutions and all the high-value services we offer in-between, you’ll find what you need at Netari Global Communications.

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