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Which Technologies are Proving to be Hot in 2017?

netari cloud mobile and network security

As a white-glove services provider, Netari is the go-to source to gain insight on the newest and most exciting technologies.

Check out which technologies are getting the most attention so far this year:

Private Cloud

Private cloud connect solution that bonds a VPN to any preferred CSP. Provides dependable, high-performance access to apps, protection against cyber threats, and the ability to quickly provision cloud resources online and scale them on demand. Why? Cloud adoption is on the rise and has created a need for more secure connections to cloud environments.

Managed Security

Offers an end-to-end security solution, including threat prevention and management, incident response, and analysis services to protect hosted or on-premise IT resources. Offers predictive analytics, device management, and 24/7 monitoring to keep the network safe and reduce stress on IT. Why? Security threats are increasing in size and complexity daily creating a need for continuous protection of proprietary assets.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile-device-management platform that gives a company greater control over their mobile workforce. Allows IT team to remotely enroll, restrict, deploy, locate, wipe, and lock employee devices from a centralized portal. Why? As the rise of BYOD continues the need to keep back-door hackers out is essential to business health.

Cloud Global Office

Delivers a complete, global hosted voice package with conferencing, instant messaging, CRM integration, and more. Provides flexibility to add international office extensions using local numbers, delivers free international-to-international extension dialing, and consolidates billing into one clear and convenient bill each month. Why? Remote and mobile working is a rising trend that will continue as businesses evolve and work demands increase.

Secure Cloud Interconnection

Offers high-performing connections to securely connect customers to CSPs around the globe. Among many other perks, SCI helps customers protect critical data by keeping privileges private, predict and manage costs with usage-based billing, and manage network bandwidth and cloud environments. Why? Another effect of cloud adoption has created a need for better security and management.


Looking for more relevant solutions like this one for your organization? From cutting-edge cyber-security trends to adaptive network solutions and all the high-value services we offer in-between, you’ll find what you need at Netari Global Communications.

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