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Demythtifying Cloud Computing

Netari Blog - De-myth-tifying Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has come a long way since it was first developed and because of the rate it is evolving, there are common myths created by users and non-users that are either untrue or half-truths. This can present the wrong impression of cloud computing and can discourage some businesses from using cloud computing when they could, in fact, benefit a lot from it.

So here are some of the common questions and myths about the cloud and we demonstrate how it can be a sustainable and useful technology to be used by all businesses both great and small.

Myth 1: Public Cloud Is the Only Real Cloud

While public cloud services, like Google Drive, continue to generate more interest and publicity, there are numerous examples of private clouds in the business world. These are particularly true with media and capital markets.

In fact, there is a greater volume and use of private cloud adoptions than there is of public. According to some studies, 90% of organizations are considering private options for their business. Finally, many businesses harness the power of both public and private; creating hybrid solutions that closely match their needs.

Myth 2: You Either Fully Utilize the Cloud or Not

Businesses today are responding rapidly to new trends and marketplace environments. For this they need a wide range of tools and solutions. Some of these will be cloud based and some of these will not. In some cases, as we have stated in myth one, businesses will require and want a system which incorporates the advantages of both cloud and non-cloud solutions.

Myth 3: Cloud Solutions Are Uniform

Many businesses have tried to adopt solutions others have implemented only to find out, to their disappointment that these have not worked for them. There are numerous options for businesses to consider when it comes to choosing the right cloud solution for them. These options include:

  • Different deployment models

  • Operating models

  • Service models

All the options available can be mixed to create a tailored solution that will work for the business. Therefore, there is always a possibility of a solution for your business using the cloud.

Myth 4: Virtualization and The Cloud Are the Same

Virtualization is an essential part of cloud computing, but virtualization doesn’t make the cloud. Instead, its primary focus is on the server and workload consolidation with the objective to reduce infrastructure costs. Cloud computing is much more than that.

Myth 5: Clouds Run Only On Commodity Components

Some solutions that are well known may use commodity components; this is not the case across the industry. Cloud solutions are being offered and can be created on numerous types of servers that vary in size, shape and power.

The problem you have to face is choosing the right solution that is suitable for your business and does not incur charges that are unnecessary. There are three questions that you could ask yourself when making this decision:

  • How much time and cost is involved in deploying the Virtual Machine Software and hardware?

  • Are you getting the best price possible?

  • How is the quality of service compared to other options?

As you run through these questions you’ll find the solution that is right for you and your business. You might find that there are two or three solutions that could be applied to you, in which case you need to ask the end users, your staff, what they think the best offering is.

There are still several myths which businesses and users have about cloud computing. You need to know what is true and what is not true. By separating the two you can find a solution that can move your business to the next level, cut costs and deliver better customer service.

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