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What are the Top Technology Priorities of CIO’s?

Every year, CIOs rank their top priorities – the initiatives that will take center stage in the coming months.


While cloud technology and security have previously been included in this list for a number of years, many CIOs have added a new item recently: DevOps. Implementing these types of solutions and strategies can make a considerable difference for the business, particularly when they are prioritized appropriately.

But what makes these three items – security, the cloud and DevOps – a top focus for CIOs heading into 2016? Let’s take a look:

Maintaining a focus on Security

In recent years, security has consistently made the list of CIO’s top priorities – and for good reason. The current threat environment, where new malware samples and large-scale data breaches are emerging daily, is cause for concern. For this reason, security will continue to rank high for CIOs.

According to a 2015 global survey from Computer Science Corporation and CIO Strategic Marketing Services, 82 percent of the nearly 600 CIO participants said cybersecurity is critically or highly important to their organization this year. Security was also a top priority when it came to technology investments, with 71 percent of CIOs noting that a considerable portion of the budget would be allocated to these solutions, CGMA Magazine reported.

The Cloud is still Essential

Another familiar item on the list is the cloud. In fact, TechTarget’s 2014 IT Salary and Careers Survey found that this technology had become even more important to CIOs recently – where the cloud was ranked fifth in terms of priorities in 2013, it jumped to first last year, tied with security.

However, the considerable benefits of the cloud aren’t the only factors that make the technology essential to today’s business processes. Increasing use of mobile devices by employees, including within BYOD initiatives, make the cloud a critical technology to have in place in order to enable productive use of these endpoints. In this way, the cloud, proper protection and mobility are very much intertwined.

“You mention security and cloud as top focus areas, but you can’t have success in those areas without mobile [technology],” Sasi K. Pillay, University of Wisconsin System associate vice president, told TechTarget. “It’s all connected – cloud, security, mobile, data. Information is accessed on mobile devices from the cloud and you need application and data security.”

DevOps viewed with Increasing Importance

In recent years, DevOps strategies – an approach that better unites the development and operations departments of a business in order to streamline the creation of applications – have become more important than ever. CIO contributor Stephen Elliot pointed out that DevOps is fundamentally changing the way companies approach product development, helping to address some of the most common pain points.

“CIOs and their teams across application development and IT operations must rethink what they do, and how they do it,” Elliot wrote. “The legacy method of delivering business services is increasingly not good enough; it’s too slow, expensive, and disconnected from the customer. This is where DevOps can help.”

With DevOps in place, the company can increase collaboration across different departments, eliminate silos that slowed processes in the past and implement a new sense of shared responsibility.

“The goal of DevOps teams is to increase the speed and quality of business services,” Elliot explained. “Every CIO, and CEO needs this.”

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