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National Restaurant Association 2015 Kitchen Innovation Awards Winner

A Patented Water Treatment and Conditioning Technology that Optimizes Operating and Maintenance Costs of Water Heaters, Plumbing Systems, Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers, Steam Boilers and More in Commercial and Industrial Applications.

HydroFLOW USA was awarded the prestigious 2015 Kitchen Innovations award by the National Restaurant Association. The Kitchen Innovations Awards recognizes and celebrates cutting-edge equipment and technology that specifically improves the back of the house operations and benefits for foodservice operators.

In an industry that has over a million restaurant and foodservice outlets, there is a continuously renewed focus that reflects the developments in food safety, environmental impact, and equipment efficiency. Companies are progressively looking for new ways to reduce their burden on the environment and its resources on a day-to-day basis. HydroFLOW technology does not simply support this focus, but is vigorously working to solve these challenges and advance the food service industry.

"Since opening the Sacramento Melting Pot in 2003, we have always looked for ways to control costs while at the same time supporting the environment. Over the years we have tested and implemented many different products and services; including low-temp dishwashers, LED lighting, waste recycling, Ionized cleaning and many more," said The Melting Pot-Sacramento Proprietor, Michael Frampton. "Our investment in the HydroFLOW S38 was less than $1,000, which we expect to save in just over 14 months by not using water softener. Not only will we save money, but we will also reduce our water usage."

HydroFLOW uses patented technology that induces an electric signal into the piping and or plumbing system to continuously condition the liquid solution throughout the entire system. Designed for ease of installation, the water-resistant units simply attach around the pipe and are connected to a power supply. In order to accommodate businesses of all types, HydroFLOW offers a variety of sized units that have the ability to fit pipes of all ranges and material.

About Kitchen Innovations® Awards

For over a decade, the industry has trusted the National Restaurant Association KI Awards Program to vet and recognize products that meaningfully improve the back of the house. Receiving a KI Award is a powerful endorsement that these are products that will make a positive impact on your operations. Kitchen Innovations® Awards recipients are recognized for their contributions addressing water and energy efficiency, food safety, sanitation, cross-functionality, and space saving.

Industries Using the HydroFLOW System:

  • Airlines

  • Beverages (Non Alcoholic and Alcohol-Wine/Spirits)

  • Casinos/Gambling

  • Cruise Lines

  • Data Centers

  • Distilleries

  • Food and Beverage

  • Healthcare

  • Hotels

  • Manufacturing and Industrial

  • Resorts

  • Restaurants

  • Retailers

  • Travel and Hospitality

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