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Netari Communications and its partners provide best-in-class supplier sourcing, procurement, project oversight and service support.  The company's IT and telecommunications lifecycle support enables business executives to free up their internal resources to focus on core day-to-day business initiatives and helps bridge the broadening technology skills-gap faced by business IT departments today.  Our business is dedicated to the industry and provides expertise in engineering and design, vendor sourcing and management, provisioning, and back office support.   


  • Providers – We  work with a wide range of premier providers of voice, Internet, data, mobility, cable, and cloud services to meet all local, national and global IT and telecommunications needs, no matter how diverse or complex.

  • Process– Unrivaled back office support and proven processes eliminate the typical inefficiencies and hassles associated with placing orders, tracking, provisioning, and billing.

  • People – One-of-a-kind service and support for customers built on close, personal relationships by people who take pride in their work and who really care.

1. Simplicity

We provide our clients with an easy and cost-effective process to finding the right IT and Telecom Suppliers offfering the best solution at a reasonable price . As a technology broker, we know the providers, their people, and their processes. Our support team members act as a single-source contact to make customized IT and telecom recommendations for your business, placing orders for all services, and streamlining the installation of all of the business communications services ordered.

2. Save Time & Money

We do all of the leg-work in sourcing vendors that are the best fit for your business, we place orders and handle the provisioning and installlation of your technology services. In turn, you save valuable time that you can spend on business-critical issues instead. As well, our support managers and sales engineers know each providers’ packages and services inside and out, so they actually work for you to design and build the best business communications package at the most economical price.

3.  Unbiased, Objective Consulting

We have established, long-term relationships with major manufacturers, carriers and developers delivering voice, Internet, cable, data, and mobility services. Our unbiased focus is on your specific business technology needs – delivering the best technical solution, service level, and price.

4. A One Stop-Shop for All Technology Services

Every industry needs technology – and every industry can benefit from our expertise as a technology broker. We're a trusted adviser for customers in multiple industries including healthcare, engineering, automotive, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and many other industries. We’re better because we tailor business communications services to the unique needs of each industry and each individual client.

5.  Top-Rated Master Solution Provider

As one of the largest authorized channel distributors of top-tier domestic and global suppliers, we provide global access to a comprehensive range of cost-effective technology products and services – everything a growing business needs. We are proud to be a leading technology consultancy that has long-standing relationships with the industry’s leading regional, national and global technology suppliers. As a result, we make it simple and cost effective to tap into world-class services and build the right package to solve your customer engagement and technology impacting issues.

6.  Sales Engineers that know Technology

Our sales engineers are actively involved in the order process. That means the right services get ordered in the right way and there are no major surprises or delays. Sometimes you need a highly-qualified engineer to work through IT challenges and we have these resources readily available.

7.  Top Notch Customer Support

We offer the best customer support and engagement process in industry. Businesses and government entities have experienced what it’s truly like to be treated with respect and as a priory. Our client account team is ready to answer questions and solve problems on-demand, all year long. Also, our proactive approach to customer service means that we’ll monitor your account to ensure you’re on the right plan for the best cost savings.

8.  No Service Fees

Typically, there aren't any costs associated with utilizing our services. Because we have relationships and channel agreements with hundreds of service providers, carriers, manufacturers and developers, you don't have to pay us to help you source, select and manage suppliers. Instead, you choose the supplier(s) you want, and they pay us - saving you thousands of dollars in added expenses and hundreds of hours in research, sales presentations, proposal and contract negotiations, and project managing your installation.

How What We Do Benefits Your Business

Whatever Challenges You Face We've Got Your Back

We know that choosing the right technology services and service providers can be intense, time consuming, and complicated.  We can help you remove those barriers.  We’re industry-insiders, ready to give you unbiased, objective recommendations.  Find the right vendors and get the best solutions for your business by engaging us as your strategic technology partner.  Call Us Now or Complete the Online Form below to schedule a no-cost evaluation of your current billing and technology services.


Netari is an IT and Telecom consulting firm that offers a diverse and comprehensive  portfolio of technology products, solutions, and services to businesses, municipalities, and non-profits in the US and internationally.  

Netari helps executives and senior-level leaders manage technology projects with a proven process that begins with discovery, planning & strategy, and evolves into a successful implementation and ongoing lifecycle support.

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