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Inventory and Invoice Audits

Many organizations have grown their carrier and supplier services over the years without keeping records up to date or properly managing termination of old service and installation of new services as decisions are made to adjust to changing needs and growth requirements.


Auditing and approval of telco bills is becoming more complex as telco service providers expand their offerings beyond basic carrier services like cloud offerings, SIP, mobile and broadband services and applications such as configuration and device management.  As business needs change and employee's come and go it's not uncommon for  items to get missed or overlooked.  This results in wasteful spending and unnecessary costs. We provide the independent expertise you need to identify and stop erroneous charges, cramming, changes in tariffs, and installed services no longer in use.

If you haven't Audited your bills recently . . .

then there's an 82% chance you're paying too much!


We will review your current infrastructure, services, costs, billing and maintenance contracts to identify potential for increased savings utilizing a proven process that uncovers overcharges, unnecessary fees, unused services and billing and tax errors.  And we work with the carrier(s) to remove erroneous charges and fees, along with renegotiating pricing and terms if you want to keep your current provider.


In cases where new service is desired, we will negotiate pricing and contract terms with multiple providers for you to choose from.  


Our process begins with building a detailed profile of your telco usage, needs and costs using our unique methodology and technology. Experience shows that this profile is essential to maximizing savings and ensuring the best result for you.


  • Eliminate waste (such as overcharges and services that are no longer required) or we can recommend new services that are more cost effective.

  • Assess your needs against today’s technology and service offerings and identify the best possible service options for your current and future needs.

  • And, we assist you to implement any agreed changes.

Service and billing audits are an easy way to save money quickly.  Our billing audits save clients an average of 24% on their monthly communications bill.  How much could we save you?


Netari is an IT and Telecom consulting firm that offers a diverse and comprehensive  portfolio of technology products, solutions, and services to businesses, municipalities, and non-profits in the US and internationally.  

Netari helps executives and senior-level leaders manage technology projects with a proven process that begins with discovery, planning & strategy, and evolves into a successful implementation and ongoing lifecycle support.

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IT & Telecom Invoice Audits

We pull a Customer Service Record and provide you with an inventory of all the services your paying for and show you areas where you can save money and improve service.

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