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Fixed Services & Inventory Management

If you’re like most companies, fixed voice and data cost optimization and management are very low on your list of priorities. It may have been several years since you’ve evaluated the effectiveness of your voice and data infrastructure, and now you’re not even sure if it is adequately optimized to meet current and future business objectives.  We understand this challenge, and have the proven experience and technical expertise to gain control over your wireline infrastructure to save you money.

We work with suppliers specializing in providing a simple, shared-savings approach to fixed voice and data cost optimization and management that’s guaranteed to save you money, increase profits and improve productivity:

Cost Optimization

Are you getting the lowest rate possible and the most favorable contract terms from your wireline carrier?  We have extensive contract negotiation experience and the tenacity to achieve significant reductions on your telecom costs — often more than 20 percent savings. We’ll perform thorough research and inventory analysis to gain a clear picture of your wireline assets. Then, we’ll negotiate with the carriers to reduce contract rates and optimize a new solution that better meets your needs. And, we can replace your carrier’s help desk with one made up of our friendly representatives at no additional cost.

Here’s how we gain control of your wireline infrastructure, eliminate aggravation and save you money:

  • Audit: research and discovery

  • Inventory analysis and benchmarking

  • New requirements agreement

  • Contract negotiation with carriers on your behalf

  • Implementation of new services

  • Initial bill review to confirm new/revised pricing

  • Helpdesk

Inventory Analysis 

Evaluating every asset in your wireline infrastructure can be a herculean task. And, oftentimes your internal staff has neither the time nor the expertise to successfully undertake and complete this time-demanding task. For us, performing a thorough inventory analysis is one of our core competencies.

Our expert resources  can take control of your wireline inventory by providing an extensive evaluation of your entire telecom infrastructure. And, we require only minimal assistance from your staff, so they can focus on more strategic business objectives while we do the heavy lifting. With this information in hand, you can evaluate the efficiency of your telecom services, and decide which assets are candidates for phasing out and where infrastructure upgrades are needed.


Netari is an IT and Telecom consulting firm that offers a diverse and comprehensive  portfolio of technology products, solutions, and services to businesses, municipalities, and non-profits in the US and internationally.  

Netari helps executives and senior-level leaders manage technology projects with a proven process that begins with discovery, planning & strategy, and evolves into a successful implementation and ongoing lifecycle support.

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