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DDoS Protection & Mitigation

What Is DDoS?


A Denial of Service attack (DoS) or Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) aims at rendering a computer resource either unavailable or with sufficiently crippled user accessibility. There are different techniques and means to launch such attacks. Motives could also be very varied, as well as the targets. DDoS attacks usually represent the organized attempts to make a web site or service not function or cause sufficient downtime for a limited time or permanently.


Why Should You Consider It?


Typical targets of DoS attacks include all kinds of (prominent or not so prominent) sites or services such as financial and banking institutions, online e-commerce establishments, news & media sites, online gaming communities, the public sector, and lately, even entire countries.

It doesn't matter what your online business is, your revenue streams depend on the uptime of your site and services. Unfortunately, criminals (it doesn't matter who: your ill-wisher, racketeers or competitors, or even sometimes bored students) are aware of your site's accessibility reliance and make it their main purpose to sever your customers' connection with your business thus causing lackluster or null service or entire site's performance.

As it happens, there is a number of means of achieving this goal, Distributed Denial of Service attacks being the major and fastest spreading one nowadays. There is also evidence the cost of launching such attacks has decreased dramatically over the recent years.

Benefits of Automatic DDoS Protection

  • Having a predictable, steady, effective and reliable form of DDoS protection saves money.

  • It reduces operational and capex costs by not having to outsource its protection to a third party scrubbing center, or hire additional IT security staff, or purchase additional bandwidth capacity.

  • It improves its reputation for service availability. Some hosting providers choose to make additional revenue by charging its customers a fee for DDoS protection as a service. Other providers choose to offer DDoS protection as a value-added service for no fee.


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