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Dark Fiber

Perfect for carriers and businesses who need to manage the technology evolution on their high bandwidth data connections. Dark fiber is great for establishing connections between data centers that require a variety of interfaces that may not be standard or available from carriers servicing those locations.


What is Dark Fiber?


Dark fiber is unused optical fiber that has been laid but is not currently being used in fiber-optic communications. Fiber-optic cable transmits information in the form of light pulses so “dark” cable refers to one through which light pulses are not being transmitted.


There are thousands of miles of dark fiber across the U.S., as companies have installed additional fiber optic systems. These companies assume that they will be able to lease those dark fibers to cable TV, telephone or other companies looking to expand their reach in the future. The fibers are neither controlled nor connected to the phone company, but the phone company provides the necessary functional components.


Dark fiber services are provided by local exchange carriers (LECs) to maintain optical fiber transmission capacity between customer locations where light for fibers is provided by the customers. Dark fiber is also known as unlit fiber.


Managed dark fiber is a form of wavelength division multiplexed to dark fibers where pilot signals are beamed into fiber by the fiber provider for management purposes using transponders tuned to an assigned wavelength. Central management is preferred for a dense wavelength division multiplexed system. This is because the closely spaced wavelength may be disrupted by signals that do not have tightly controlled parameters when amplification is needed for signal transmissions of more than 100 km.


When Would You Use Dark Fiber?


Dark fiber is ideal for businesses that are growing quickly and need to manage scalability for point to point connections. Whenever you want to upgrade bandwidth, you can change out your equipment interfaces yourself without coordinating with a carrier or worrying about term liability on a leased circuit. That’s great for businesses whose bandwidth needs can change rapidly or unpredictably.


Benefits of Dark Fiber


  • Scalability: Dark fiber is good for businesses who are growing quickly and need to be able to manage scalability for their point to point connections.


  • Flexibility: Clients are able to change out equipment interfaces themselves without having to coordinate with a carrier or dealing with term liability on a leased circuit.


  • Security: It is a dedicated connection meaning that it is not shared with any other customers.


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