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Securing & Protecting Information

Concerned About an Unexpected Cyber Attack?

The world we live in today offers newer challenges and threats toward the security of proprietary, personal and billing information.  Ill-equipped companies face significant backlash and revenue loss as a result of an unanticipated breach.  So, what should you look for?  The answers lie in recent history (see more here on the worlds biggest data breaches).  While security threats and attacks vary greatly, about 95% of threats fall into these categories.  Let's take a look:

  1.  Physical Theft or Loss (over half of incidents recorded include in-office theft)

  2.  Miscellaneous Errors (non-public data to public web servers)

  3.  Web App Attacks (mobile phones are becoming an increasing problem)

  4.  Insider/Employee Misuse (typically driven by financial gain)

  5.  Cyberespionage (high focus on email transaction logs, attachment records & links)

  6.  Crimeware & Malware (highest threats include DOS, back-door and spyware/keylogger attacks)

  7.  POS Intrusions (first on the list is point-of-sale intrusions at over 28% of confirmed breaches)

To avoid potential security risks it's important to know where the holes are in your defense strategy.  The slideshow below highlights key areas where we assist our clients in discovering (and fixing) potential vulnerabilities that can invite various data breach scenarios.  

Security Audit for Your Business


We're fully equipped to help you every step of the way.  From initial billing audits, security planning, service implementation, as well as supporting your entire IT and telecom services life cycle.  With access to hundreds of technology suppliers and over a thousand data center providers worldwide – we offer a unique, unbiased look at the best solutions and vendors for your business.

IT & Network Security

Review of your administrative, physical, and technical controls that protect your systems and data. IT audits and network security audits provide a 360 degree view of risks and identifies threats to your network and data.  


Netari is an IT and Telecom consulting firm that offers a diverse and comprehensive  portfolio of technology products, solutions, and services to businesses, municipalities, and non-profits in the US and internationally.  

Netari helps executives and senior-level leaders manage technology projects with a proven process that begins with discovery, planning & strategy, and evolves into a successful implementation and ongoing lifecycle support.

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