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Perfect for businesses that want to increase collaboration across employee groups and customers while cutting costs and reducing travel. Audio, video, and web conferencing offer powerful solutions to help businesses connect and increase their productivity.


What is Conferencing?


There are several different forms of business conferencing solutions including audio, video, and web conferencing. Each has its own features and benefits along with pricing variations.


An audio conference, or teleconference, is simply when a meeting between several parties is held over the telephone instead of in person. The party instigating the audio-conference is known as the calling party and those joining the call are known as the participants. Depending on the meeting’s objective, these conferences are set up so that the calling party is either just a passive listener or can join in on the conversation. A simple form of audio conferencing is three-way calling, where there are just three parties involved, and this is generally a form of small business software used mainly by smaller companies and private individuals.


Video conferencing is two-way interactive communication delivered using telephone or Internet technologies that allows people at different location to come together for a meeting. The video conference can be as simple as a conversation between two people in private offices (point-to-point) or involve several sites (multi-point) with more than one person in large rooms at different sites.


Web Conferencing is conducting live meetings, presentations, training, collaborations, or marketing and product launches via the Internet. Either an application is downloaded and installed on each of the attendees’ computers, or a web-based application is launched in the attendees browser (usually accessed by clicking on an invitation link distributed by e-mail). Any size organization can benefit from web conferencing from large enterprise companies with overseas branches to the small home based office.

When Would You Use Audio, Video & Web Conferencing?


For many businesses, conferencing is critical to their success. Now, more than ever, employees are being asked to do more with less time, fewer resources, and a workforce that is increasingly more geographically dispersed. It’s a perfect time to permanently change your business processes to reduce travel and revolutionize the way you meet.


People retain only 10% of what they hear in ‘oral’ presentations (audio only). They retain 20% of what they see in a visual presentation (no audio accompanying visuals). BUT…people retain higher than 65% of what they experience in an oral and visual presentation.

Benefits of Conferencing


  • Cost Savings: Cutting business costs is important in any economic climate. Audio and web conferencing significantly reduces travel costs while allowing you to stay connected with employees and customers around the world.


  • Increased Productivity: Conferencing lets you connect with others around the world without traveling. Time gained by avoiding unnecessary travel can be more wisely applied to other work/life priorities…


  • Less Travel/ Environment: Conventional ways of doing business include long-distance travel. Conferencing cuts down on travel, which reduces the carbon footprint associated with travel, helping your business work a little greener.


Netari is an IT and Telecom consulting firm that offers a diverse and comprehensive  portfolio of technology products, solutions, and services to businesses, municipalities, and non-profits in the US and internationally.  

Netari helps executives and senior-level leaders manage technology projects with a proven process that begins with discovery, planning & strategy, and evolves into a successful implementation and ongoing lifecycle support.

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