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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud Services Comparison

Perfect for businesses that would rather license software and access it in the cloud rather than purchasing and installing on a physical machine. Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) allows businesses to purchase software on a subscription or licensing basis and users can be added and operational within minutes.


What is Cloud SaaS?


Software as a Service (SaaS) is a primary category of cloud computing and a software distribution model in which software applications are hosted by a cloud SaaS provider and made available to clients over the Internet.


Cloud SaaS is becoming an increasing popular distribution model as underlying technologies that support web services and service oriented architecture (SOA) mature and new developmental approaches. Meanwhile, faster speeds and broadband service has become increasingly available to support user access from one or more areas around the world. A few examples of popular SaaS providers and solutions including Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Apps for Business, and


The traditional model of software distribution, in which software is purchased for and installed on personal computers, is sometimes referred for as software as a product.

Why Would You Use Cloud IaaS?


The primary reason why you should select cloud SaaS is ease of use, simplified billing, and always having the latest version of software releases.


Benefits of Cloud IaaS?


  • Cost savings – Unlike traditional software licensing, SaaS is based on a subscription model. Initial start-up costs are significantly lower. For example, it may be $50 a month per user for a subscription opposed to $1,600 to purchase a license.


  • Accessibility – It isn’t limited to just one machine or device. It can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. It is much easier to manage and keep track of subscriptions and license keys and software.


  • Updates – With traditional software, updates and new versions require purchasing. However, it is included in the monthly price with SaaS.


  • Compatibility – SaaS ensures that all of your users are on the same version of software. Say goodbye to compatibility issues with old versions.

Cloud-Based Service Providers

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