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Over 200 fully-vetted IT & Telecom suppliers offering thousands of product and service solutions in over 150 countries. 

Technology Consulting & Cost Management Solutions

There’s a better way to source IT and telecommunications services. The days of managing multiple suppliers, orders, projects, and escalations can be behind you. Imagine a company that proactively manages your account, suppliers, and services for you. We’re changing the way that businesses purchase and manage their technology with custom, end-to-end IT solutions from top global suppliers.  

Technology Assessments

Providing technology assessments for all or specific areas of your IT including cyber-security, data center, applications, cloud and hardware. Our technology  assessments provide complete inventory and usage information so you can make informed decisions about your IT environment.

IT & Telecom Consulting

From deploying voice and data networks to major undertakings such as a complete infrastructure overhaul, ERP, CRM or supply chain implementation, or developing a disaster recovery plan.  We offer complete technology consulting and professional services from internal and external resources.

Purchasing Oversight

Simplify your RFP management process with added resources & solution engineering expertise. We offer clients assistance in writing RFPs, managing supplier responses, and making recommendations based on technical requirements, budgets, and client specific criteria.

Multiple Suppliers

Gain access to multiple supplier solutions and pricing without having to talk to multiple sales reps. We offer the largest selection of IT suppliers so you can quickly and easily compare multiple solution offerings and pricing – all from  a single point of contact.

Migration Services

Need help with cloud, server, or application migration? We offer migration for all applications, environments, and workloads to any cloud or any server anywhere. All applications and workloads are extensively tested, and fully functional at the target environment.

Cost Optimization

Providing expense management solutions including Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Mobile Expense Management (MEM) for your business or enterprise. Expense management ensures that your services, rates, and usage accurately reflect your contracts.


Your Telecom infrastructure is the backbone of your organization, allowing you to connect with clients, employees and partners in an instant. This encompasses everything from simple voice and internet to complex, fully redundant and secure Wide Area Networks (WANs) used to connect multiple locations across the globe.

Network Infrastructure


Reasons Why Companies Work With Us 

Risk Assessment  

& Mitigation

Increased Productivity & Efficiency

Maximize ROI & Lower TCO

Simplify Management 

of IT & Telecom

Access to a diverse, highly qualified and specialized IT Team

Fast Service Resolution Times

Dedicated Account Team & High User


Cost Optimization 

& Expense Management

Improved Vendor Accountability

Cyber Security & Threat Intelligence 

Fast IT Project Implementation

Broad Vendor Resources & Management


Ready to Make a Change?

We're here to provide you with information, answer any questions you have, and to create cost-effective solutions paired with the right technology provider(s) to improve and advance your business.


NETARI is an IT and telecom consulting and brokerage firm that offers a diverse and comprehensive  network of technology vendors, products and services to medium-sized businesses, large enterprise and multi-location companies in the United States and overseas.  

NETARI works with executives and IT leadership to manage technology projects with a proven process that starts with learning each clients business, auditing of services and billing, planning and engineering, and concludes with managing the installation of new services and ongoing support.

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